ICare Hearing Test  v.2.7.4

iCare Hearing Test could check your ear’s age with high frequencies

Cheap Hearing Aids  v.1.0

Screensaver with a hearing aids


Hearing Aids Prices.  v.1.0

Screensaver with a hearing aids

Test Your Hearing  v.

Test your hearing will help you check for hearing problems. It is also intended to give you an idea of what some parts of a hearing evaluation might be like. Test your hearing with these guided experiments. It comprises a number of tests which can

Hearing Range Tester  v.

Use Hearing Range Tester to take our unscientific hearing test. When exposed to loud sounds which damage our ears or as we age we gradually lose our high-frequency hearing. Use the 50Hz to 18000Hz tones (Humans hear frequencies) generated by the

Hearing Loss Guide  v.

How often do you have to ask someone to repeat the words? Do you have the volume on your television cranked way up to hear it? It really isn't a laughing matter to someone who is suffering from hearing loss. It used to be that your 80+ year-old

Hearing aids reviews  v.1.0

Solve this fun puzzle and win!

Hearing Test  v.

The human ear can detect sounds that vary the frequency from 20Hz to 20000Hz. I mean, he is able to detect these sounds when it is brand new. With age and small abuses, such as concerts, gridlocked traffic and MP3 players,

EXPRESSfit  v.6.0.2

The EXPRESSfit Fitting System is the software used to program Sonic Innovations digital hearing aids.

New Rionet Selector  v.4 9

The Rionet Selector is software designed specifically for fitting hearing aids. Individual client data and hearing level data are managed by NOAH in the NOAH version and by Rionet Selector itself in the standalone version.


EarBoost trains your ear to distinguish between different intervals, chords and scales. Using EarBoost you will improve your overall musical hearing ability in a short time with persistent practice. It also includes excellent reporting information showing

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